Acoustic Intimacy (EP)

by Mark Nelson

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EP from the full album Acoustic Intimacy.



released July 29, 2013

Executive Producers - Al "A1" Ross & Mark Nelson
Graphic Design & Photography - Randy Clark and Heather LaShun
Stylist - Mistah Davis

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Mark Nelson Music Atlanta, Georgia

A native of Toronto, Ontario Canada, Mark Nelson is a singer/songwriter/musician whose musical journey has taken him across North America in Jazz Festivals, concerts and theater. He has penned songs for gospel and R&B/Soul artists including Sean Simmonds and Rhonda Thomas and now eagerly anticipates the release of his solo project “Acoustic Intimacy”. ... more

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Track Name: Beautiful
The first moment we shared you may not have been aware,
Your eyes sang the melody in my heart.
It was that first day that your smile carried me away
To a place where all beauty overflows

You're so beautiful
You give me butterflies 'cause you're so beautiful
Ohhh to are so beautiful.
Words can't express the way you make me feel.

Although some things change others will always remain the same,
Like the way it feels when you kiss me in my dreams.
The touch of your lips, the caress of your fingertips,
Oh they unite to play the harmony in my heart


When I look into your eyes they're deeper than the sea,
And when you laugh or when you smile I know your love is just for me,
Your beauty's not skin deep there's so much more that you've revealed,
You make me want you more each day that's why all that I can say oh is you're beautiful


The way you make me feel, the way you make me feel...
Track Name: Sherida in A flat
Seeing you from a distance and wanting you from the instant,
That I saw your face, looked into your eyes,
Your soul spoke to mine and you told me that,
We could be on a journey, we can take our time there's no hurry,
What I've been looking for, what I've been searching for,
Don't have to search no more...

It's like you stepped out my dreams, became reality,
And now it's hard for me to see what life would be,
What life would be like without you...
You, you, you
And now when I think of life and all the joy it brings,
Just want to share with you give you my everything,
I can't see my life without you...
You, you, you

Now that we are together we can make our plans to last forever,
I want to be with you, spend my life with you,
Raise a family, let the whole World see,
Let the whole World see what love was really meant to be,
The Creator made you just for me,
This couldn't be by chance not even happenstance,
It was a divine plan.


(musical interlude)

Track Name: Just One
Could one raindrop from the sky water the fields of the countryside?
Could one ray of light from the Sun end the night a new day's begun?
Oh, could one flower bloom on a tree signal the change from winter to spring?
Could one bird sit high up in that tree sing a song that sounds like a symphony?

Why 'cause just one, one look into your eyes can heal my pain,
Just one, one touch from you my heart won't be the same.
Just one, one moment you walked right into my life and,
Just one, one moment all that was wrong became right.
Just one, just one, ohhh just one, just one.

Could one man speak a word of peace cease all the wars in the Middle East?
Could one lady not give up her seat, revolutionize black history?
Could one day come when we agree to live as brothers in equality?
Could one song play in any key make the whole world sing in harmony?


Life can be so unpredictable you never know from one moment to the next,
Tonight you could meet with your destiny and it could be with someone who you least expect


All it took was just one...all it took was just one...all it took was just one, just one, just one, just one.